Wednesday, October 31, 2007

GIR.AX is off to the races

GIR.AX submitted their quarterly report today and the market received it very well. They have an excellent suite of projects and today's bounce above $1.30 is a good sign. I think we stay long and see if it can't consolidate above the $1.50 level. They are due to release some more results for their Weld Range resources in the December quarter.
Interesting to note the negotiations that BHP.AX is currently involved with in trying to get rid of the antiquated Iron Ore price negotiations and move it to a traded market like practically everything else. This can only be a good thing for producers and prospective producers as the market is still in under supply. They still seem to have plenty of cash in the bank so things are looking good. I recommend getting on to the ASX website ( and having a quick flick through the report.

Happy Punting.


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