Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Short Climate Change

If there was a way to get short the mass hysteria that is climate change I would jump on board with both hands. It is a massive con job. Here's some questions that everyone should be asking.

1) If it is getting hotter is it a bad thing?
-Plants grow better in high CO2, high temperature environments.
2) If it is getting hotter doesn't that mean it will rain more?
3) Won't higher temperatures mean more arable land? (get out a map people, and look at the frozen tundra of Siberia, Canada and Greenland)
4) Is it getting hotter?
5) Can we control the temperature like some sort of James Bond Villian (the answer is no, unless you have a method of altering the Earth's orbit of varying the intensity of the sun)
6) Why isn't water vapor considered a greenhouse gas?
7) If it gets hotter, doesn't that mean more water evaporation and won't this repel as much heat as it traps (therefore no change in temperature)
8)If higher temperatures are bad, does that mean colder temperatures are good? If so, why aren't we trying to make it colder?

Think before you start repeating the words of Lord Garnaut verbatim.

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