Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is there any Life in this old Dog?

The machinations of Brisconnections and Nicholas Bolton, the TARP, the Geitner Plan, Kevin Rudd's 'Free' money. There's any number of schemes underway designed to restore faith in the markets, but will they do anything? What's the point? To me, they all seem a little misguided.
Take the Kevin Rudd plan. What is the point of handing out cheques for $900? These cheques can and do go to anyone. We've already seen that some of them have gone to people who've never even been to Australia. They've gone to people in prisons etc. Why not simply reduce tax, so that people who already pay tax, will have more disposable income and/or increase pensions. Doesn't that do the same without the ridiculousness created by the 'free' money campaign?
Maybe the point is that it's far more visible to hand out $900 cheques than to simply reduce tax. Rudd, stop with the stupid stunts.

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Anonymous said...

what do you think about the budget that will be released tonignht?

MQG share purchase plan will close on 29th may. dont you think this will cause a big dip in the MQG stocks.