Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Half Volley

MQG.AX has traded up very strongly in the last week and with their share purchase plan due to list tomorrow at $26.60, we should see this stock come under pressure. I've sold today at $37 in anticipation of picking them back up tomorrow at a decent discount. I'm quite confident with this trade, although last time I was short MQG.AX, ASIC in their infinite wisdom changed the rules of the game...
The XJO seems to be struggling to break through the 4000 level. It has flirted a few times with breaking through properly, but I think even the most bullish investors know that the stock market can't go up 20% a month every month and I'm sure everyone is familiar with bear market rallies. This is a bear market rally and if you are playing this market it makes a lot of sense to play it from the short side.
I am a long term commodity bull (soft and hard) because there are more and more people needing/wanting more and more things, but that's a 10 year play and I need a 10 day play, hence the short MQG.AX

you know it makes sense.

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