Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop Spending, Stop

What is it with governments and deficit spending? Do they not realise that at some stage someone has to pay back all the money they borrow? I know it sounds simple, but the thing is, it is simple. Sure you can print more money, and we've seen that with the USD depreciating 97% over the last 100 years (thanks daily reckoning), but if you want to encourage people to invest in your currency, in your country, then you need to provide a stable platform, and a large part of that stable platform is a currency, that is largely immune to the ravages of inflation.
We mock people who continually live their lives on their credit cards, continuously putting off fiscal responsibly in favour of living large now, yet we sit idly by and watch our state and federal governments do just that. It is ridiculous. Those of us who pay tax are essentially making the minimum payments on our credit cards each months so that our elected overlords can pork barrel this and that and take no real responsibility for their actions.
Stop spending all our money and running up the national credit card you idiots.

Why am I reminded of the time Homer Simpson had his legs stuck in quicksand and he elected to pull his legs out with his arms, and when his arms also became stuck, he attempted to pull his arms out with his face!

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